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Complete Azure/O365/Gmail/AWS Management and Migration Services

At the core of Crown CyberSystems’ process is the knowledge and expertise to create a seamless transition that is fast, reliable and secure. Servers can have many functions, and you may be considering migrating to the cloud for the following reasons:

  • Reduce the on-premise footprint of your current architecture
  • Moving to a hosted computing environment as a long-term management strategy
  • Moving servers to enhance performance scalability
  • Mitigate or resolve a data loss incident
  • Reduce management, hardware and licensing costs


Migration is an extremely detailed process that requires the knowledge and expertise of Crown Cyber Systems’ team.  When moving from on-premise to the cloud, many boxes must be checked in order for the process to have the right outcome. Files, applications, and whole computing platforms must be maintained for consistency and useability.

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Prevent Data Loss With Cloud Solutions

Cloud migration is a smart decision for many reasons. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, increase security, prevent data breaches, or improve business intelligence, moving servers to the cloud is an extremely detailed process and one that requires the knowledge and expertise of a highly-trained IT company like Crown CyberSystems. Our technicians are skilled in migrating servers of all types for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Relocating platforms, applications, files, customer and company data from physical servers to the cloud must be done with great care. With over 30 years of experience we can get your data, infrastructure, applications, and whatever else you need migrated securely and successfully.


Distributed File Servers

Scalable Data Warehousing

Azure-based Active Directory

Hosted Email -Gmail/0365

Benefits of Using Crown CyberSystems Cloud Solutions

  • Ease of scalability for cloud technology and online file storage
  • Increasing capacity with no downtime
  • Adding flexibility with business cloud storage
  • Remote access improves collaboration and productivity
  • Saves more money over local network maintenance

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