Case Study

Case Study: A Novel Approach to Technical Support Solutions

The Issue

Molly Mitchell, Community Manager at Novel Coworking in Pittsburgh, was recently unable to use Novel’s E-Mon energy monitoring software to track and invoice one of its tenant’s utility use. This usage typically accounted for well over $4,000.00 in billable revenue each month. Mitchell spent an hour on the phone with E-Mon’s customer support to no avail. Molly remained unable to pull invoices for the tenant. At risk of leaving this earned income on the table, Mitchell needed a quick resolution to the problem.

The Solution

One of Novel’s Project Managers suggested that Mitchell reach out to TechNoir Solutions to address a potential IP/Network issue. Whereas most IT service vendors stick with standard hardware and software support, many understand that any interruptions in client operations, especially those that generate revenue, demand immediate resolution procedures be enacted, whether in scope or not.

The TechNoir remote support technician suspected the issue was related to the computer’s connection to the internet versus the software itself and asked Mitchell to send a video of the workstation running the program. The technician used a process of elimination and reviewed the video footage. He determined that the minicomputer was lacking an antenna to connect to the internet from the basement. The tech then sent a link to the appropriate antenna for Mitchell to purchase. Once it arrived, she was able to connect it to the computer running the E-Mon software. This plug and play resolution worked immediately, and Mitchell was able to generate the invoice and send it to the tenant.

The Result

“Just like that, my energy monitoring device and its software were up and running again and I was able to create an invoice for over $5,000.00 of energy use that would have otherwise remained an operational expense for our organization,” Mitchell said. “This was a huge relief. TechNoir never ceases to amaze me, especially because they work remotely to help our center located in Pittsburgh!”


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